Summer School in Biodiversity Modelling 2021

Intro to Bayesian Statistics

Material covered on Day 4.

Probability for Ecologists

Material covered on Day 1.


Material covered on Day 2.


Material covered on Day 3 of lectures.

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Summer School in Biodiversity Modelling 2021

The Summer School in Biodiversity Modelling will take place from August 16-25, 2021 under the theme: Evaluating Models from Ecological Data

Led by Pr. Dominique Gravel and Dr. Andrew MacDonald (Université de Sherbrooke). Training focused on problem solving and guest speakers (Professors Timothée Poisot, Pedro Peres-Neto, Sandra Hamel, Marc Bélisle and others).

Tentative Schedule

August 16, 2021 Probabilities and distributions: know your data, define your problem. August 18 Maximum likelihood methods: write down equations for your model. August 20 Optimization algorithms: reveal the capacities of computers to solve complex problems numerically. August 23 Bayesian statistics: how to properly represent uncertainty in ecological models. August 25 Sampling algorithms: evaluating posterior distributions by your own. Format

The course will consist of five one-day sessions alternating with a day off, spread over two weeks.

Short sessions of lectures and exercises will be given in the morning. The emphasis will be on practice under the supervision of the instructors. The afternoon will be organized around one or two higher level problems to be solved. A guest speaker will be offered at the end of the day to provide a perspective on the day’s topic. Students will have the opportunity to continue working on the problem during the break day, and the solution will be provided at the next session.

Instructors will be available during the exercise period and during breaks throughout the day.

Classes will be taught in English, with bilingual support.


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